Proactive Breath and Bodywork™

It’s a physical and emotional check-in, if not a form of self-study, much like a yoga and meditation practice. It’s a way to get to know your outer shell, your body, on a deeper level, and discover old sheaths of tension or trauma that had previously been hidden from view.



Breathing is not just a process that provides oxygen to cells for energy. It actually reflects your psychology in every single moment.

All of these forms of energetic bodywork are designed to invite a different energy or sensation to a spot that needs to be addressed. Bodywork is like body-talk, and it aims to balance the energy in the body.



Proactive Breath™ is a system designed around the Science of Emotions, which outlines the intimate connection between emotions, thoughts, and your personal breathing pattern. This new wisdom creates opportunities and insight far beyond modern breathwork practices because each session is specifically guided for you, based on what your breathing pattern reflects about your inner world.


The energy that flows throughout the human body is designed to move in specific pathways. Whatever emotional states we feel, the body becomes from the inside (cells) out (structure). Cells are like a storage house for memories, “issues in our tissues” Dr. Lipton.


You will be guided through a particular breathing practice where patterns of thoughts, emotions, and behaviors actually get uplifted to authentic empowerment, physical vitality, and the freedom to feel and express from your highest potential.



You will benefit and be guided to:


  • Access and master your emotions
  • Identify unconscious limiting patterns in mind
  • Cleanse past trauma on a cellular level
  • Overcome resistance, depression and avoidance
  • Engage resources of inner strength and awareness
  • Tap into your inner inspiration to improve your craft
  • Find the deepest connection and openness within
  • Improve mental state and ability to make better decisions
  • Know your own breathing pattern and what it means
  • Experience joy and peace with ease and flow
  • Achieve stillness as well as get rid of your loss of sleep and fatigue, which is often linked to emotional volatility and negative thoughts


 Session incorporates:







Duration: 60 minutes 

 ** All treatment is done fully clothed.

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