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A group Breathwork session can be received in person or online. I teach at various studios throughout Dubai on a weekly basis, and also you may find me abroad in Asia or Europe.

It is a fantastic way to connect and bond with other like-minded people who are passionate about self-help, self-awareness and personal growth.



What happens in a group session?

In a group session, each person has their own, very unique experience. You will set an intention at the beginning of the class and be guided through a powerful, and life-changing session. To open the body and land into a space of relaxation, you may begin with basic Breathwork techniques, movement or other body-based activities. You will then be invited to lie down on a mat and begin the journey.

Participants like to use a yoga mat, small pillow, blanket, and an eye mask for privacy.

Many people feel motivated and inspired in a group setting and often the energy of the group takes people on a deep, healing journey that will permanently shift them for the better.

As the Breathwork journey begins, you will hear others breathing alongside you, and I will be walking around guiding the group, whilst providing additional support where needed. 



What if I have a big emotional release in my first session in a group setting?

My purpose is to create a kind, compassionate and safe space to trust and fully relax within the group. It is likely that even though you may feel a little nervous about a big release in a group situation when it occurs you will feel very natural, safe and supported.

The group setting of Breathwork can be daunting for some as it is common to have big emotional and/or physical releases in your first session. You will be reassured that everything is safe to be released and to relax into whatever the body needs to do. You will be in a full power.

What if I don’t want to share?

That’s all right! You will never be expected to share or contribute anything you don’t want to. All of our sessions are led in a confidential manner and all participants respect that as well.

I have some really deep stuff to work through and might need some extra support. Would a private session be better for me?

If you know you have something deep to work with, or looking for trauma relief, then a private session will be best for you, so that you can receive dedicated coaching and emotional support. Working in a private session will allow you to feel safe to explore and release energy without the need for deep talk therapy.  You will be guided and advised at the pace that is right for you using the proper tools to keep you safe. The breath is a very powerful tool and going deep in a session should not be recommended as a general rule of thumb unless fully supported. 

I heard it is a very transformational thing to do, can I just try it out?

It is completely personal choice as to whether you come to a group session or private session. Each session is so different and being in a group situation can really heighten the energy, offer support and also be a lot of fun! We learn a lot from other peoples’ experiences and develop deep connections. Working in a private session can also allow you to have massive transformative experiences as well where you feel very safe to explore, receive dedicated attention to you and your process.

I highly recommend to try both experiences, and over time you will get to know what your favourites are!


How long does the session last?


What's the energy exchange?

Between Dhs80 (USD 22) to Dhs165 (USD 45) per person


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